Air Doll : Having a heart was heartbreaking.

If you have the occasion, go, run,  see this movie by japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda’ with that amazing south-korean actress Bae Doona .

This is the story of Nozomi, an air doll that exists just as a sexual subsitute for her owner.

And one day, Nozomi wakes up. Nozomi becomes…a living doll.

She’s apparently a human being, but she’s still empty like she says (because she’s full of air, understand?). So Nozomi’s still a doll. But from that moment, she have to deal with her new identity.

All day long, she’s disvovering the world that has been surrounded her all her life. At night, she stays the fantasme sexuel, again and again. She’s got to be very on time or she will just be exchanged. . .

Nozomi will be very brave an clever. After teaching herself with the help of some passing-by she encountered, how to walk, talk, etc…she’ll never be shy to old men, find love, thinking about her life…

Meeting her creator, Nozomi's idea to finally found herself.

These lasts thoughts will lead the movie to I think the right end to a doll : questions. She’s not a human, she needs to be inflating, how can she survive ?

The movie is based on a manga called Gouda’s Philosophical Discourse, the Pneumatic Figure of a Girl. I think it only appeared on a magazine so it means it didn’t have many succes, because in Japan only the good reader’s reviews will be use when it’s time to decide to continue the publication in the magazine, or even publishing it on what we call mangas. The next steps are the cartoon, and then, the movie. This is the ladder. So I think it’s really good for that mangaka to have his story in a movie, il a brûlé les étapes !

Nozomi's lover, who works at the local video store

Anyway the movie was presented in festivals like in Cannes or Toronto. I thought it was really poetical, interesting and upsetting, unless it is a bit too long for people who don’t like the sensitiveness that exists in asian movies

Some quotes :

It seems the world is the summation of others and yet, we neither know nor are told that we will fulfill each other…

Just as it’s not enough for flowers to have pistils and stamens, an insect or a breeze must introduce a pistil to a stamen…

Life contains its own absence, which only an other can fulfill…

Official website :
ouda’s Philosophical Discourse, the Pneumatic Figure of a Girl

juin 18, 2010. Movie Time.

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  1. roxannabina replied:

    I’m gonna netflix that!

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